Saturday, March 13, 2010

Another guest art piece I did...this time for Native Drums, my friend Vince's comic book series. He'll be at WonderCon this year with a new issue that contains a continuation of the story and a series of guest art pieces from a bunch of readers and friends. I've seen a preview of the issue and it really is a great issue filled from cover to cover with fantastic art!

On a side note I haven't been maintaining the blog lately so there's been a lot of anonymous spam comments for work from home schemes lol. Pardon the spamminess, I will aim for regular updates once again. Cheerio! B =P

*was getting sleepy close to the bottom of the drawing so I decided to use some "lost and found" drawing...gimmicky and lazy, I know, lol =P


Walden Wong said...

Looks good!

bluejazz87 said...

Good job Brandon. I like this one. Keep up the good work.