Thursday, January 24, 2013

A big "Thank You!" to Anthony Jones, whom has been very generous and gracious in sharing his art tips and techniques with the interwebs community. I've learned a lot and now have to be careful not to subconsciously ape his art style!

This is a quick sketch for Anthony's Heaven's Hell art contest. All entrants have to abide by an honor system and spend no more than one hour to finish the piece. Knowing that I only had an hour made me more decisive in what I had to draw! Definitely a good way to practice getting faster in my rendering. Very fun piece overall!

**Update-January 25 @ 11:12pm...After turning this in for the contest, I went back and spent a little more time and made some tweaks to this piece exclusively for my own benefit. Decided to make my first ever GIF to show the changes**

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